Concept Diagram

Form Formation

Design is developed on three primary concepts: Adaptive Reuse, Ramp as a roof and Continues green space

Slope, angle and water management

Concept Diagram
The proposed structure is designed considering the access points, height of adjoining structures and vistas. Slope of the roof allows the structure to blend in with the surrounding.  

Concept Zoning

Vertical zoning is distributed according to the public, semi- private and private spaces. Basic zones are administration, education, theatre and residential. 
Sustainability Strategies
Structure is an adaptive reuse project which is designed using strategies like water swells, green roof, solar energy. Materials used for construction are local and the sizes of opening are carefully considered after studying the wind pattern and North. 
Slim, vertical openings not only act as a barrier for heat but also provides sunlight for the entire day. Insulation in brick panels keep the structure naturally cool and reduce the need of HVAC. 

Site Plan (Scale 1:32)

Section (Scale 1:32)

Section (1:32)

Ground Floor Plan (Scale 1:32)

First Floor Plan (1:32)

Second Floor Plan (1:32)

Elevations (Scale 1:16)

Wall Detail (Scale 1: 5)

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