Design for Interior Project
The project was designed for a family of 4 people. Site was a 3bhk apartment with a balcony overlooking roadside. When we first discussed the project, we tried to get insight about interests, work nature and overall expectations of the client. Initial discussion was important because it allowed us to create a space which will be cohesive for them. Any house is luxurious when its aesthetics reflect the personality and nature of the user family. After visiting the site and discussing with client, we decided to continue the design process in minimalistic approach.
The living room is the most interactive space of every house. This space should be inviting, comfortable and approachable for every user. Colors, textures and materials play a significant role in creating a such atmosphere. While designing we decided to use the concept of blank canvas. We used the concept and maintained all walls in a simple white color. Used the other elements to add the personality to the room. White color gives the room clean and fresh look and the blue fabric of the couch adds positive and calm vibes. Whereas the brown textured fabric of arm chair indicates simplicity and warmth. Together the combinations of these three colors create a peaceful and serene environment.
The couch and the arm chair are pointed in the direction of the TV unit. As it is a central element in the living room, it creates more impact than any other furniture. We designed the TV unit considering the visual stability, continuity and balance between different textures. We made a decision to use the contrast and blend them together. For the three fourth length of the panel we used stone. Two groves on the panel divided the stone into three horizontal planes. One fourth length of the panel was designed using vertical wooden plates. Smooth, matt finish of the stone and the texture of the wooden plates blend together, without overpowering each other’s properties. Golden white marble and walnut brown veneer add a classic royal finish to the room. To maintain the visual balance same pattern is used on the opposite wall of the unit. It kept the vision line consistent. 
Scale of the elements in the room plays as important role as the colors and materials. The lamp used in the room is slender but its scale is taller than typical lamps. Form and appearance of the furniture can enhance the personality of the room. The lamp and coffee table is designed to maintain the continuity. Both pieces are white which blends with the background and the circular form complement each other to maintain the homogeneous frame. 
The second most interactive space in the house is a dining area. Assigning a specific space for dining can affect the overall nature of the house. We observed that the house had a nice, huge balcony with lots of ventilation and natural light. It was the perfect space for a dining area. Every room in this house is designed according to a specific theme. For dining area, we chose the concept of ‘reflection of life’.
To make use of the balcony, we created a large window up to the lintel level. This window was sufficient to provide light and ventilation to both dining and living room. Both the spaces were in a continuous direction. To define an entrance for a dining area, we created a frame of wooden panels. Overall design of the dining area is developed to keep the ambience fresh, calm and cheerful. We used stone, wood and plants as a symbol of mother nature and positive environment. We did stone cladding on the wall near the dining table. Rough texture of the stone creates an earthy and raw effect. On that wall we placed a circular mirror which reflects the light across the room and make it a brighter place. At the east corner we placed a Tulsi Vrindavan. It is a symbol of prosperity, positivity and growth. According to the Vaastu shastra placing a Tulsi Vrindavan in the east corner helps to keep the family in positive mindset and good health. In addition to the positive vibes, it always feels nice to eat while sitting under the foliage of trees. We created a nice green canopy of the bougainvillea creeper on the ceiling. In continuation with positive environment, a round dining table and comfortable cushion chairs suggest an informal approach and relaxing environment.
Living and dining room is a semi private area of the house. We have to consider the combined dynamic of the user family while designing these rooms. On other hand, for the bedroom we have to consider the personal needs of the user. It is a space which is customized only for the user of that room. The bedroom we designed was for a teenage son. First, we categorized his requirements, tried to understand his mind set and interests. For any young user it is necessary that their space should be multifunctional. It should be adaptable to all their conditions. For this space we used theme ‘form follows function’. Color palate played a significant role in creating different ambiences in a same room. Color scheme we chose was combination of grey, blue, brown and black. This combination creates rich, cozy, elegant and calm ambience. Blue color is always inspiring and creative therefore it is used behind the study table. Brown suggests cozy and down to earth atmosphere therefore wooden paneling is used for bed back.
For furniture we wanted to create a design which will be useful, slender and minimalistic. Study table had two purposes. It was specially made for a gaming purpose. Textured multicolor background with hanging light created perfect ambience for that.  Black metal frame table reflects the minimalistic approach. Exposed metal frame is used for simple, slender and compact design. Purpose of the table was that it should accommodate desktop and speaker system. It should blend with the whole theme. To keep the continuity wardrobe is designed with metal frame and wooden panels. A simple, elegant design which combines the room in a single frame. The room is adaptable for the user in all aspects. Aesthetics of this room is different than living and dining area. It is a reflection of personality of only this user.
We designed every space in this house with same approach. After the process was complete the site was transformed into a beautiful home. Co ordinating balance between function and aesthetics can create a graceful and pleasing environment.       

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